It’s not that I miss the 50-mile drive from Gainesville to Cedar Key to have a bowl of Tony’s Award-Winning Clam Chowder, but that’s not something I want to do on a weekly basis.  After all, Cedar Key’s a great little coastal town, with some darn good fishing and some nice little shops to visit. And some fabulous clam chowder!

Of course, Tony’s Clam Chowder has always been available frozen and they are pretty good about shipping it, packed in dry ice.  However, you can’t expect frozen food to last a long time in the freezer and many of us already have freezers full of frozen fish already.  Now, Tony’s is making their product available in cans that have an expected shelf life of 2 years.  The canned chowder is a concentrate and each $16.99 can makes over 3 quarts of chowder.  Tony’s ships by Federal Express and accepts major credit cards and PayPay payments.  For pricing and shipping information, go to Tony’s Order Page